Where can you make bets on Moto GP 2023 today

bets on Moto GP

MotoGP is a sport that is gaining more and more in popularity, and online bookmakers have adapted and introduced in their offers and the motomondial. Platforms like Superbet, Betano, Fortuna or Winbet propose to players bet on Motogp.

You must keep in mind that we do not talk about a sport as popular as Formula 1. As a result, Motogp sports betting options will be less than in Formula 1 bets.

Types of Motogp Sports Bets

bets on Moto GP

MotoGP has a program very similar to that of Formula 1, disputed in several races (big prizes) divided by competition days. As in Formula 1, there are free workouts, qualifications, the race itself, and from 2023 there will be sprint races every competitive weekend. This means that you have a multitude of types of bets and you have to be careful before placing one.

The pilots champion – we are talking about an antepost bet that players can do at any time, until the winner of a season. Obviously, it is best to make this bet before the beginning of the season. That way, you will have better odds.

MotoGP bets on the winner of the race – another simple bet, which can be made antepost or live. You just have to choose that pilot who you think will win the race you want to bet.

Motogp bets on the winning team – a bet similar to the one from Formula 1, on teams.

The pilot finishes on the podium – if you think surprises can appear in the next race and that your favorite will not be able to finish on the first position, you can bet that it will finish on the first 3 places. The quotas will be lower for these bets, but the risk will be lower.

Top 15 – With this option, you bet your pilot will finish at points. At Motogp, the first 15 pilots in a race receive points. Of course, this type of sports betting bets comes with small quotas. For this reason, it is not very popular. But it’s a bet you can introduce in your safe betting strategy.

Bets on the pole position in Motogp – this type of bet comes with beautiful odds, because it is quite unpredictable.

The fastest tour – this is perhaps the funniest of the bets on Motogp. You have to guess the pilot who will make the fastest tour in a race. It is a difficult bet, because the pilot with the fastest tour can be a total pilot than the one who won the race or even do not finish on the podium.

Betting that the pilot will finish/do not finish the race – at Motogp, there is no race without fall. These, most of the times, lead to the abandonment of pilots. With this type of Motogp bets, you must choose whether or not a pilot will finish the race.

The duels in the race – the bookmaker offers you 2 pilots. You have to choose the one who will rank better at the end of the race.

Live bets – if you like to follow Motogp, our advice is to make live bets. Here, you will have the same options as in the precursor bets.

These are just a few of the types of motogp bets you can do. The better you get informed, the more these bets will become more profitable for you.

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