How does your poker position help you at Post Flop game

Post Flop game

We have already found that the main benefit of having position is the possibility of seeing how everyone else acts, before we have to make the decision. Playing in position we have a huge advantage, because we have information and we can make the best decisions.

This advantage of the position is even more obvious after the flop, with the mention that things change easily: the blinds, which were in position before the appearance of the common books, are now discovered, having to act the first.

The advantages given by the position can be illustrated this time with several examples. Suppose that after the appearance of the flop goes on the check version to you. In this case, many times to the extent that you bet, you will have the opportunity to win the pot. You know very well that the others are not excellent in the conditions in which they had no claims, so a bet could stop the action (except in the cases where someone mask an extremely strong hand and choose the check or draw variant). On the other hand, if you own a middle or even top pair (regardless of kicker, it may be as), but there is a lot of action to you (opponents turn to raises and re-raises), you can Folded the hand with confidence without risking additional chips. You know very well that the opponents beforehand could not have increased the pot with “air” so much, so that your decision, from position, is much easier.

Let’s use one hand as an example to demonstrate the benefit of acting last. We will use a scenario from a No Limit Hold’em tournament, although the applicability is valid in any other type of poker. From Button, after two lips in front of you, with A-10 you decide that it is worth seeing the flop. The dealer returns 8-9-10 (color draw), so you have Top Pair, Top Kicker, a hand that can be considered by many very good in the current coordinates. Only before you two players rely on 100 units, and another one comes with a three bet, up to 400. The chances of being in front at this time have dropped dramatically, so you can fold without regrets (any two pairs, any set or even tormented over you over. You leave favorite only in front of a color or chinning draw, but once a “scare card” came you could be put in an even more difficult situation). By acting the last one, from the position, you can estimate your chances much better, referring to the actions of others.

The position helps you to be aggressive

Post Flop game

As we repeatedly discussed, aggression is one of the keys to success at the poker table. The position from which you evolve gives you control at the game table and gives you the opportunity to display your aggressiveness.

We will use another example to better understand what we refer to. Let us imagine that you have raised the latest position and a single opponent went. In such a situation you will have a number of strengths in front of him. Suppose the dealer has returned a Flop Q94, for example, and the opponent – outside the position and so without data – will often give, aware that you, the initial aggressor, could have a very good book. You may have been completed something, indeed, but as well it may not be to your liking. Too little matter, because the ideal framework is created for you to go on the continuation BET. Some will know that you are using position to be aggressive, but they will be aware, at the same time, that they do not have enough bullets for this fight. In other words, they may ask them to ask themselves that you are trying to sell a story that has no connection with your hand, but your action perfectly justifies a big hand. Will they risk their sheets in a possible where they have enough information? Most of the time not, thus giving you the possibility that, using the power given by position, you will be aggressive and easily earn certain pots.

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